Thursday, March 5, 2015

Public restroom floor and walls protected - Gunter, Texas

Project Description: Newly built public restrooms needed a protective finish on floor and walls.

Problem: Protect the walls and floor from daily use.

Solution: Coated the walls and floor with a chemical resistant coating 

The was sanded and the concrete floor was ground and existing plumbing penetrations that were not used anymore where sealed up to create a seamless finish.

Coating application:
I taped off the wall at a 4 foot level and applied two coats of material in a tan color. The floor was taped off up the wall 4 inches and a base coat was applied and a decorative flake was broadcast into the wet coating. The floor was scraped and vacuumed to remove any loose flake and than a clear top coat was applied to lock in the decorative flake. This created a decorative and slip resistant finish since these restrooms were at a ballpark where people could walk in with wet shoes.

My customer was looking for a finish that would protect the walls a floor from urine and other abuses in these restrooms. They also where concerned about safety with people walking in with wet shoes so traction was a necessity. The finished product gave them everything they needed.

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