Saturday, March 21, 2015

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Woodworking Shop - Oak Point, Texas

Project Description: Boat shed converted to woodworking shop.

Problem: Dusting concrete floor needed a sealed surface.

Solution: Highly decorative metallic epoxy coating.

The concrete floor was ground and cracks where filled to allow for a seamless finish.

Coating application:
After preparation a waterproofing primer was applied to the concrete. The next step included adding a black epoxy base for the new floor. The metallic coat consisted of 4 colors spread over the surface, squeegeed around and back rolled. Once the epoxy was dry the surface was sanded and a clear satin finish polyurethane was applied.

This floor was done on my own work shop floor. The main purpose was for a floor I could show off to my friends and family but also to see how it performs in a harsher environment liked a work shop. 

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