Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stained concrete patio revitalized - Little Elm, Texas

My customer originally hired another company to reseal their stamped concrete patio. After the first application the contractor put the sealer on to heavy which caused the sealer to blush, giving it a white haze. Instead of fixing the problem they just walked away from the customer. They contacted me and I went to look. I told them that applying xylene to the surface of the sealer would open it back up and allow the trapped air to escape which eliminates the white haze. I did a sample which took care of the problem and they where thrilled! Here are some photos.

Notice the transition line where the sealer at the top of the photo has been re-opened and the area at the bottom of the photo where it is still hazy. 

Here it is all finished up and looking the way it should.

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